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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q. How many members are there in the AOH Division 4?

Approximately 70 in number. Will you be the next one?

Q. What is the typical profile of membership?

There really is none. The ranges of ages, professions and neighborhoods varies greatly.

Q. Who are some famous members?

Over the years, some locally admired individuals who have had association with AOH Division 4 include Archbishop John Ireland, Archbishop Harry Flynn, Archbishop John Nienstedt, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Norm Coleman, amon a Brc. and James J. Hill.

Q. Is it true that the Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 4 is responsible for the organizing the first Irish Fair of Minnesota?

Yes, this is a accurate statement but it is often forgotten!



What is the Irish Anthem?

Oh land of love we bless thee gentle Mother

Oh land of light fair jewel of the sea

Oh land of joy where brother shall meet brother

And all thy souls shall dwell in harmony

And when the clouds of torment and of sorrow

Flee with the dark at rising of the sun

Hand shall clasp hand in happiness tomorrow

And we shall toil together in God's work begun

All wounds shall heal unkindness be forgiven

All hurts forgot as ends our darkest night

No more shall we by war or strife be driven

All Ireland's children face the future bright

One God shall reign in hearts His flame has lighted

And He shall lead our people to the sun

One heart, one soul one land by love united

There we shall live in peace until God's work be done.

Q. When did Division 4 change its name from "Ramsey County, MN" to "Archbishop John Ireland"?

On Tuesday March 22, 2011

Q. Question 7?

Answer 7

Q. Question 8?

Answer 8

Q. Question 9?

Answer 9

Q. Question 10?

Answer 10


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